Fundraising tips: Have a house clear-out

We recently wrote about the benefits of crowdfunding when you are raising the $12,500 fund for your service dog. While these campaigns can be highly successful, sometimes you need to do additional fundraising to help you meet your service dog donation target. As part of our series on service dog fundraising, today we are going to talk about the money that you can raise by de-cluttering and clearing out your house.

Have a house clear-out & sell unwanted items

One of the first places to start when looking to fund-raise for your service dog is in your own home. Everyone has items lying around that they could easily live without. Take some time to clear out all of your kitchen, garage, attic, and shed. You will be surprised at the amount of items you end up with that you would be happy to sell. In addition, you will end up with a nice organized home too! You could also ask family members and close friends to have a look through their house as well, to see if there is anything they would be able to donate to your fundraising cause.

Use eBay for like-new items

Let’s face it; we’ve all received gifts for Christmas or birthdays that don’t really meet our taste. Whether those are toiletry sets, DVDs, board games, clothes, or something else entirely, if they are still in like-new condition, the place you are likely to get the most money from them is eBay.

Sell CDs, DVDs, & video games online

Websites such as Decluttr allow you to sell your unwanted CDs, DVDs, and video games online. Just enter the barcode of a product and their website will immediately tell you if they accept the item, and how much they will pay for it. They have a handy app you can download to your smartphone which allows you to scan barcodes directly. You probably won’t get amazing prices offered for your items, as the website works by reselling them at a profit. However there’s a good chance it will be more than you would get selling them yourself at a yard sale, so it’s worth trying. S

ell books online

Websites such as cash4books and Book Byte work in the same way as Decluttr, but they are for selling your unwanted books. Scan in the ISBN numbers using your smartphone, send off the books and they’ll send you the money – simple!

Garage/yard sale

With the items you have left, try to sell them through running your own yard sale. Make sure you advertise your sale with signs in the neighborhood and post some leaflets through your neighbor’s doors. If your neighbors are aware that you are fundraising for a service dog, they might be willing to pay a little bit more for items than they normally would at this type of sale, as they know that the money is going to a worthwhile cause. You could even make some lemonade or bake some cakes to sell alongside your items for that extra fundraising boost. Just remember to take note of how much all your ingredients cost, so that you can be sure you are making a profit.

Have a stall at a flea market

If there are any flea markets in your area, it might be worth setting up there for a day to sell what’s left of your items. Make sure you find out how much a stall costs before you decide to do this, as you need to be confident that you will make at least that much money back. To help draw attention to your stall, print out some posters with large writing that can be seen from a few feet away (you might need to tape several pieces of paper together) that state you are fundraising for a service dog. This might help to encourage people to buy from you.

What about my leftover items?

There will always be items left after all of your fundraising efforts. There might be a good reason for this – perhaps the item isn’t in great condition or it’s outdated. If so, the best place for it might be in the trash. However, if you think that there is still someone out there that would enjoy the item, consider donating it to a local charitable organization, either for use by the people they help (such as donating soft toys to a children’s shelter) or for them to sell at one of their organized events.

What else can I do to fund-raise?

Over the coming weeks, we will be writing about other fundraising ideas to help you reach your service dog donation target. Use the form on the right of the page to join our email list and get all the latest fundraising ideas sent straight to your inbox.

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