Social stars: Meet the dogs taking the internet by storm

When you think of cute animals and the internet, you would probably automatically think of the cat videos that are popular with almost everyone or well-known felines such as “Grumpy Cat.” However, there are also a collection of dogs that are taking the internet by storm. Here are some of our favourites:

‘Boo’ the Pomeranian

Boo is frequently referred to as “the cutest dog on the internet”. With over 17 million likes on Facebook, he is one of the most popular too. His owner has surprisingly managed to remain anonymous and is not pictured anywhere with Boo, adding to his mystique. He is described on his website as a “Pomeranian who’s energetic and loves attention”. Boo-Dog-Christmas

‘Marnie’ the Shih Tzu Marnie was rescued by animal control in Connecticut in 2012. She was nearly 10 years old and vets discovered that she used to have an illness called Vestibular Syndrome which left her with a head tilt. She was adopted and has become a YouTube star, with videos posted regularly of her enjoying her new life as a much loved pet. Marnie has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 370,000 Likes on Facebook, and 26,000 subscribers on YouTube.

‘Tuna’ the Chiweenie

Tuna is a Chihuahua/dachshund mix, also known as a Chiweenie. He was adopted in 2011 by a lady named Courtney Dasher, who shared photos of him on an Instagram account. Tuna’s overbite and lower jaw dysfunction give him a unique look which has led to him getting 1.5 million followers on Instagram. @tunameltsmyheart-1

‘Mishka’ the Husky

A video of Mishka the husky appearing to say “I love you” has been watched almost 100 MILLION times on YouTube. The video went viral earlier in 2015, with many national news websites picking up the story. There’s even a Mishka app available for Android phones!

‘Beast’ the Puli

Beast is famous because of his owner, Mark Zuckerberg, the man who created Facebook. Beast has over 2 million followers on Facebook. His breed is a Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog.


How these dogs are helping others

It is wonderful to see rescue dogs like Marnie and Tuna bringing happiness to so many people across the world. They help to raise awareness of rescue dogs and help people realize that they can get just as much love and affection from an older dog as a puppy. Other famous dogs such as Beast bring attention to rarer dog breeds that people might not have heard of before, which stops them from becoming endangered. Many of the dogs above have licensed merchandise available, with a percentage of the profits going to dog rescues and animal charities. So, not only do they bring joy to people seeing their photos or videos, but they are changing the lives of thousands of dogs for the better.

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