Going to the Fire Department!

Thanks to the Delta Township Fire Dept., the C4C dogs got to do some training with the fire fighters! It is necessary to have our service dogs become comfortable around fire trucks or other medical emergency vehicles, as well as the emergency personnel that would help their handler, should the need arise. In a case of an emergency, we want our dogs to be trained to be calm when a fireman or policeman approaches them and their handler.
There were loads of kids excitedly running around the open house at the fire department, which is a great training tool we use to teach the dogs to focus.The dogs need to stay close to their handler and remain focused on them, no matter how much stimulation there is going on around, in case the dog needs to alert or respond to their person.
The dogs also need to get used to “larger than life” animate or inanimate objects. These include inflatable balloons (such as Santa yard decorations) or a mascot for a sports team. In this case, the fire department’s Dalmatian mascot was used to train the dogs to be indifferent about such things.
The dogs also need to be unafraid of firetrucks in case one approaches their house or a building they are in. The dogs were able to get up close and sniff the trucks before taking a picture.
It was a great day for our future heroes and we cannot thank the Delta Township Fire Department enough for lending a couple of their heroes and helping our cause!

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