A Litter of Love!

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, between midnight and 4:30 AM, a much anticipated Canines for Change litter of goldendoodles was born and whelped by Katie Donahue, Kathy Donahue, and Gery Rehmann.

Belle, the beloved mother, is a black goldendoodle from one of Katie Donahue’s Heart of Gold goldendoodle litters. Belle surprised us with a large litter of 12 puppies, all of which are currently doing well. An earlier ultrasound had estimated that there were 8 pups, but we are thrilled that there are more to love! There are 8 females, 3 of which are cream and 5 that are black with white markings. The 4 males are also black with white markings.

The father of the litter is Jackson, a brown and white party goldendoodle. He is an active working therapy dog and has had two pups that are now service dogs.

The pups’ eyes will open about 2 weeks of age. Much of our time will be spent desensitizing them to normal household noises using early neurological stimulation exercises, environmental enrichment, and socialization. Belle and her pups will stay together for about 6 weeks until the pups are weaned and eating a puppy chow mash. Around 8 weeks of age, the puppies will be ready to begin phase one of their training to become a service dog.

We couldn’t be more proud of our sweet girl! Our hearts are filled with love and we are super excited to help these pups grow into future service dogs!

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