Canines For Change


What type of assistance dogs does Canines for Change provide?

Canines for Change provides medical alert dogs including seizure response. Canines for Change also provides dogs for those on the autism spectrum.

Is there an age minimum to receive a service dog?

Not exactly. The minimum age to obtain a service dog is decided by our Executive Director on a case by case basis dependent on each family’s specific needs.

What breeds of dogs does Canines for Change train?

Most often Canines for Change works with Goldendoodles, Labrador Retrievers (English and American), golden retrievers and poodles are also used occasionally.

Can I use my own puppy/dog to be trained by Canines for Change to be my service dog?

Canines for Change trains client-owned dogs on a case by case basis but very few dogs are accepted due to the extremely selective process involving temperament, health and trainability of outside dogs.

How much does a service dog from Canines for Change cost? Is any funding assistance offered?

Services dogs provided by Canines for Change cost upwards of 25,000 for from birth to end of the dogs service career. We offer a lifetime of support and use mainly dogs from our own breeding program. We are able to reduce the cost of the dogs by just over half that price.

Canines for Change does assist our clients in fundraising, however, Canines for Change does not fundraise on behalf of each client. Instead families can chose to be placed on a waiting list if accepted, until funding is available to cover the cost of the dog. Clients are also welcome to fundraise with the help of our volunteer fundraising team if they do not want to wait as long.

How do I know if a service dog is right for me?

Getting a service dog is a timely, often challenging process. Each client and the members of their household MUST understand that having a service dog is a serious, long-term commitment and may not be a great fit for each person/disability.

One MUST be 100{fc4e03884a9e7361b81fa6ffa52c20183841201b83a2b10c0f72bc4a96a3862e} committed to the process or they will not make a successful service dog team. We encourage people to visit our training classes and seminars and talk with our trainers and current families about their experiences on numerous occasions before deciding if a service dog is right for them.

How does Canines for Change evaluate if someone is eligible to have a service dog placed with them?

Potential clients must complete a service dog application. Canines for Change evaluates the applicant to determine if a service dog could provide the necessary support required.

How can I support Canines for Change?

Canines for Change is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies entirely on the generous support of our donors, sponsorships and grants. Individuals are able to donate on our website as a one-time or recurring donation.

Canines for Change also welcomes individuals to host their own fundraisers on behalf of Canines for Change such as the following:

  1. Facebook Birthday Fundraisers
  2. Selecting “Canines for Change’ as your charity on AmazonSmile
  3. Sponsor a dog via PayPal (one-time or recurring)
  4. Team up with a retailer to host an online shopping party with proceeds benefiting Canines for Change
What CAN a business legally ask regarding my service dog? What CAN’T a business ask?