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Puppy Raising

Seeking Puppy Raisers!

As a puppy raiser you are providing an invaluable and crucial service to Canines for Change and our client families. Your efforts affect our ability to provide healthy, self-confident and well-socialized service dogs to the families who need them most. Without you our puppies would be raised in kennels, which research has shown, does not result in the best temperament for service dogs. Puppies do not get the care, love and bonding experience in a kennel that they do in family homes. Raising a puppy is a huge demand on your time, family and, at times, patience. Canines for Change is committed to supporting our puppy raisers in every way!

Canines for Change places the puppies with their Puppy Raiser family around 8 weeks of age. Canines for Change covers the cost of veterinary care (flea and heartworm medications, immunizations and regular wellness visits) as well as all basic supplies (crate, vest, lead and collars). Veterinary visits due to accident and illness will be considered reimbursable on a case-by-case basis.

Weekly Puppy Training Classes are crucial in the success of our dogs. All of our puppies must learn to work and focus in the presence of other dogs. By attending a weekly training class we can ensure that all of our puppies have the same foundation of skills, habits and socialization. In addition to class it is essential that you include your puppy in as many outings and social events as you can. This is imperative to build a strong behavioral foundation for puppies. A well-socialized puppy will grow into a successful service dog.

If you have any questions please call us at 517-712-8066 or email us at

It’s never too early to begin the journey of greatness to become someone’s hero. Stella, a puppy in training, is learning to push a button. One day, this will translate to pressing an emergency button that could save her person’s life.