Puppy Raising

Preparing a valuable pup to become a potential assistance dog is an important responsibility. Our Puppy Raisers Program is the foundation of our specialized training program. Puppies join foster families at 8-10 weeks. Puppy raisers are responsible for caring for puppies, socializing and training early obedience skills. Homes with a backyard are considered preferable.

Puppy raisers need not have previous dog training experience but must be willing to invest time and effort required to learn basic obedience training and the Super Puppy Training program. Canines for Change requires that all foster puppies attend weekly socialization and training classes. Puppy raisers are expected to work with puppies daily on basic obedience and continually expose them to new environments.

Canines for Change will cover the cost of food, flea and heart worm medications during the puppies stay with the Puppy raiser. A crate, collar, leash and training vest are provided. Puppy raisers can opt to pay for the food, flea and heart worm medication themselves if they would like to take the tax deduction. Immunizations, spay/neuter and routine wellness visits will be provided by Canines for Change. Puppy raisers who elect to use other veterinary clinics for immunizations or spay and neuter, agree to do so at their own expense. Veterinary visits due to accident and illness will be considered reimbursable on a case by case basis. Puppy raisers will be provided with a taxable donation letter for the total expenses incurred for raising the puppy.

We know that raising a healthy, balanced dog is a huge commitment. Our team will be available to assist you throughout the process. Should you find that you are unable to commit the time and effort needed to raise a foster puppy, your puppy will be quickly placed with another family.

Puppy raisers are required to go through a screening process to ensure the best outcome for our dogs. To make inquiries regarding the program, please send your request to volunteer@caninesforchange.org.