Canines For Change

Success Stories

“Canines for Change is awesome! We can never say enough about how Venture has changed the life of our family, especially David. Thank you Canines for Change!”

– Betty Huggins Facey

“Jersey has been a wonderful assistance dog for me and has helped me get out in the community, volunteer at UU and at the STATE Theatre. We passed the ADA test the third time we worked together! That being said, service or assistance dogs need to continue to train and practice new behaviors as you become a working team!”

–Shari Cope

“During my sophomore year in high school, my life changed dramatically. I started having seizures due to stress. Daily things got pretty tough to do because of the twenty seizures I would have during the day. Then I found Canines for Change. I originally started out as a volunteer. I received Miles to help train as an epilepsy service dog, and my seizures stopped during the day soon after I started working with Miles. During the night, Miles would actually help to stop my seizures. My parents knew right away not to separate the two of us. Now Miles is my service dog and my life has been so much easier because of him. I don’t know where I would be without Miles. Miles and I are a team and we’ll walk each milestone together.”

–Laura Horan

“Willette spent an amazing week in Disney world. He was put to the max test with a lot of walking, loud noises, character greetings, at times kennel breaks while we rode rides and at other times he got to ride the rides like the Haunted Mansion, Frozen, and Buzz Light Year. Willette performed amazing. He was well loved by all the characters he met, especially PLUTO. Disney was amazing with the service dog and it was a trip of a lifetime. Thanks Canines for Change for a such great dog!”

–Lucas (via Laura Murdock)